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Make your business future-proof with ESG

Future-proofed with an ESG Strategy

Looking to the future is crucial. It is imperative to future-proof your business with a strong ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. This will help build a forward-thinking and innovative business that will attract like-minded individuals and create long-term success.


Companies and organizations are always looking for the best way to expand their consumer base and keep up with the times and trends. It is clear to every company that without good marketing you will be invisible to customers and business partners.

Every company can also choose the type of marketing that works for them for the best, whether is it then digital, social media, affiliate, or email marketing. Everyone knows that to be in the picture and to create new customer and business relations you need to invest in marketing.

But is marketing alone going to be enough to be competitive in today's rapidly changing business landscape?

While social media and other types of marketing can help to grow your business, establishing an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) strategy is becoming increasingly important. ESG strategy not only helps your company by attracting customers, business partners, and investors, but it also helps your business to gain a competitive advantage, be compliant, and have a greater positive impact on the world. 

Your company’s commitment to ESG can give you a good competitive advantage because sustainability and ESG help to improve your businesses’ financial performance and make your company a lot more reliable not to mention fostering public support.

When we say competitive advantage, we don’t mean only business partners and banks but it also comes down to people, for example, new employees and the hiring process. We can say that it is already a long time when during the hiring process not only do employers have demands and expectations on candidates but also the candidates have requirements and expectations on the company that they are applying to.

In today’s competitive job market, employees are increasingly drawn to companies that align with their values. Businesses that prioritize ESG factors and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility are more likely to attract and retain top talent.

ESG can increase the consciousness of your company when you take into account other things than profit or growth. This results in employee engagement and satisfaction.

Of course, we are not diminishing the significance of profit and growth. In the end, this is the main goal of making business, so why not grow your business and earn profit while being ESG compliant?

In today's world investors are critical to an organisation's ESG commitment. For your counterparty, a business with a strong ESG program is a safer long-term investment. That is called impact investing and it is becoming more and more popular. It means that investors are looking for ways to maximize their investment return ethically. Not to mention that it is less likely to be regulated and fined by the government while also offering products or services that use emerging and sustainable technology.

Companies that embrace all three elements (environmental, social, governance) of ESG will outperform their competitors.

ESG is essential when creating accountability, transparency, and confidence in your company for customers, investors, and employees. ESG will play a major role in investment decisions. Good ESG performance can determine the future of your company's success.

In conclusion, we can say that being ESG compliant means that you will play your part in making the world a better place while making your business future-proof and more competitive in the market.

If you need help with your current ESG strategy or don’t know where to start making your business future-proof, contact us.

In Gidea Advisory we will help you create and manage sustainability strategies, address environmental and social challenges, bring positive impact, and create a tailor-made solution for your company to receive ESG excellence. Check out our ESG services here.


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