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ESG Audit Packages

  • All packages include:

  • Assessing your current ESG framework practices to identify gaps.

  • Strategizing and developing future-ready ESG guidelines and policies.

  • Establishing the ESG Strategy implementation plan to instill sustainability within the organization

  • Interviews with key personnel

  • Ready to use report with further certification possibility (B-corp)

  • ESG compliance seal of approval (certificate)

EFRAG - Non-listed SME (VSME ESRS)

Micro undertaking:

  • total assets up to 175,000 euros;

  • liabilities not exceeding the owners' equity;

  • one shareholder who is also a member of the management board

  • sales revenue during an accounting year is up to 50,000 euros;

  • up to 10 employees

Start-up company



Small undertaking:

  1. a company registered in Estonia which is not a micro undertaking

  2. and only one of which indicators may exceed on the balance sheet date of an accounting year under the following conditions:

  • total assets 4,000,000 euros;

  • sales revenue of 8,000,000 euros ;

  • the average number of employees during an accounting year is 50 persons;

Why does the company need to be audited?

  1. Initial implementation of ESG practices in the business

  2. Need an ESG audit for their business model/stakeholders

  3. Voluntary wants to disclose relevant information about the negative impact of their business on people and the environment, as well as how environmental and social issues might affect their financial status, performance, and cash flows.

  4. Want to use ESG audit when applying for sustainable finance/improving investor's relationship

  5. Obligation to report ESG metrics (financial materiality, impact materiality, stakeholders impact) in the company’s financial year report


EFRAG - Non-listed SME (VSME ESRS)

  • NSRS Entry Level

  • NSRS Level 1


A bespoke questionnaire with :

Option 1: NSRS Level 1 assessment

Option 2: B-Lab compatible  assessment

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