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Gidea Advisory ESG compliance services page

ESG compliance services

ESG regulatory compliance

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ESG Reporting Compliance Services


  • Helping companies navigate and adhere to current legal regulations and guidelines related to environmental, social, and governance disclosures.

  • Assistance in compiling and submitting the required ESG information and policies to regulatory bodies.


ESG Policy Development and Implementation 

  • Mapping current status 

  • Identifying gaps in compliance

  • Crafting sustainable and comprehensive policies that align with relevant regulations

  • Guidelines for the way forward

Monitoring and Audit

Assessments and audits of an organization's ESG practices to ensure that internal processes are compliant with external regulations.

ESG services for crypto-asset service providers

Evaluating the impact of existing and upcoming ESG regulations on a company’s operations

  • Identifying potential risks and opportunities

  • Developing a sustainable strategy

  • Analysis of the fulfillment of the ESG requirements stipulated in MiCA:

Whitepaper ESG sustainability 

CASP ESG obligations

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Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting

ESG officer outsourcing

  • Tailoring roles and responsibilities to achieve company ESG goals.

  • Mapping and executing the scope of work

  • Ensuring effective communication with stakeholders to improve their ESG performance.

  • Developing transparent ESG reports, communication strategies, and frameworks for ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to build trust and demonstrate commitment to sustainability.

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