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Tockenomics legal evaluation

Legal Analysis of Tokenized Business Model

Background checks

All information about related individuals (criminal record from open source + bonus official and paid request to authorities) and companies (it means all ownerships) and their BO-s shown in Estonian Business Register. If client is interested then for bonus all relations of BO-s + their potential issues, risks, neg background, sanctions, possible relations with sanctioned companies etc.

  • Visibility on social media

  • Adverse media

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Candidate Reputation and Experience verification. When we talk about finding and training suitable staff, we also pay attention that the person noted has an unimpeachable reputation and sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to work in the regulated entity

  • Financial data of companies, payment defaults, reports and related parties

Typically, the customer is provided with an automated summary of information collected from various registers. The developed programs offer conclusions based on pre-programmed parameters, which in practice may not give the desired results or leave numerous possibilities for misinterpretation of the collected information.

We offer interpretations of the collected information through the eyes of an experienced expert in the respective field​.

Outsourced internal control function

​Our team offers reliable assurance and advisory services related to internal control function , so your business can improve and flourish.

  • Conflict of Interest (in cases of Procurement and Outsourcing (bgc-s of related individuals)

  • Internal Fraud (internal investigation service)

  • Declarations of External Engagements (All related checks and our opinion about potential COI situations)

  • The others non measured and company specific Internal risks.

Regulatory advice, authorisation and licencing

  • Full regulatory compliance assistance related to authorisation and licensing. We provide tailor-made AML/KYC rules and procedural documents and map all related processes and functions.

  • Drafting/Updating the company’s current rules of procedure, and risk assessment policies (tailor-made solutions based on the company’s business model)

  • We have a great partnership with WL crypto exchange/NFT marketplace providers. 

Specialized Advisory Services

  • Assistance with recruitment of the Member of the Board who meets the requirements established by law

  • Assistance with recruitment of FIU contact person, training and coaching

  • Preparation of the necessary agreements and other legal documentation

  • Arranging the appointment of the external and internal auditors

  • Training

  • Court Representation

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