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Since our inception, Gidea Advisory has been focused on providing tailor made compliance solutions for fintech companies and savvy entrepreneurs

The best compliance service providers are not only experts—they are their customers' partners. Compliance solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and client needs full-fledged management and support.


Often, service providers offer few customized solutions, preferring simple and convenient compliance rules and models.

However, in today's complex regulatory framework, it is not possible to successfully start and grow a business if the money laundering and terrorist financing prevention system either does not work at all or cannot meet the set goals. 

Gidea Advisory provides tailor-made compliance solutions to ensure that your Estonian company complies with obligations under Estonian regulatory compliance requirements.


Pavel Kotkin

Founder & CEO

M.A in Civil Law and M.A In Public Safety/Law Enforcement. Has been working as COO in the corporate services and regulatory compliance  industry for 5 years. 15  years high level management experience in different state agencies. Certified Coach Practitioner and Green Leadership implementer. LGCA certified Anti -Money Laundering compliance advisor.


Grete Aron

Compliance Advisor

Grete started her career in airline business where in many years she mentored a team of more than 30 people. 
She worked in a bank and her everyday duties included a close work with the AML team.
Since fall 2021 she holds a LGCA Anti-Money Laundering certificate and as a certified AML specialist she feels very passionate about the fintech and compliance field.


Taavi Eplik

Compliance Advisor

Throughout his career, Taavi has worked in several Estonian banks and mainly engaged in Internal fraud, Conflicts of Interest, Background checks, DEE, External fraud and 2 LOD view. Taavi has extensive practical experience in drafting and daily implementation of compliance procedures and rules.

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